Preparing For Pet Surgery

Taking your dog in for pet surgery can be a little bit nerve racking. It is first and foremost important that you follow all instructions that the veterinarian gives you. This will ensure the safety of the your dog. However, there are a few simple thing that you can do that will help the surgery and the recovery run smoother. You want your dog to have the best experience possible going into surgery, but also during the recovery. Read More 

Is A Raw Food Diet Safe For Cats?

While most pet owners are content to feed their pets specially-formulated pet food, some pet owners decide to go off the beaten path. If you have a cat, you may have read that raw food diets are being implemented by many cat parents. If you're interested in switching your cat's food, keep reading to learn the pros and cons of the raw food diet and to learn whether it's right for your cat. Read More 

3 Reasons To Ensure That Your Pets Are Vaccinated

One of the biggest mistakes that any pet owner can make is thinking that they can get away with not vaccinating their animals, which is a dangerous idea because there are still ways that your pets could be exposed to easily preventable diseases. Listed below are three reasons to ensure that your pets are vaccinated regularly. Young Pets Have Underdeveloped Immune Systems One of the biggest reasons to vaccinate your pet is if he or she is quite young. Read More 

Is Your Dog Overweight? Try Out A Dog Boarding Facility During The Week

Work and other responsibilities can get in the way of spending a lot of time at home, which can make things difficult when you own a dog and want to give it the best life possible. Unfortunately, your dog may have become overweight in the past few months and now you want to get them healthy again. It will not be an easy task to handle during the week when you are at work for most of the day, so it is worth doing a trial run at a dog boarding facility by taking them there every morning during the workweek. Read More 

Tips To Help You Successfully Give Your Dog Medication By Injection And Pills

You may not be able to or not need to give all types of medical care or treatments to your dog. Often, you may need to give your dog their annual vaccinations or a dosage for a veterinarian-prescribed medication on your own, at home. When you need to give your dog a medication injection, an oral pill, here are some tips to help you accomplish it successfully. Giving Injections It is a good idea to always try to take your dog to the local animal hospital for someone there to administer a vaccination or other injection. Read More