Tips To Help You Successfully Give Your Dog Medication By Injection And Pills

You may not be able to or not need to give all types of medical care or treatments to your dog. Often, you may need to give your dog their annual vaccinations or a dosage for a veterinarian-prescribed medication on your own, at home. When you need to give your dog a medication injection, an oral pill, here are some tips to help you accomplish it successfully.

Giving Injections

It is a good idea to always try to take your dog to the local animal hospital for someone there to administer a vaccination or other injection. But, you can do it on your own as long as you know how to complete it on your own. First, select an area on your dog's shoulder blades where you will give them the injection. Their shoulder blade skin is a less-sensitive area for your dog, so the injection does not create a lot of discomfort for them. 

Follow the directions on the injection package to prepare the vaccine or medication solution by combining the saline with the dosage. Fill the syringe with the fluid and point the needle upward, tap the vial and press the plunger slightly to squirt out any visible bubbles. Soak a cotton ball in hydrogen peroxide and clean the skin and hair on the site. Lift the prepared skin over your dog's shoulder blade and press the needle into the skin. 

Before you inject the medication into your dog's skin, pull back on the plunger a bit to see if any blood is pulled into the syringe. If this occurs, it means the needle is in a blood vessel and you need to reposition the needle in another area of your dog's skin. Inject the needle into a nearby spot and recheck for blood before injecting the contents into the flap of skin. Be sure you place the needle in a bio-hazard container to prevent others from getting stuck with the same needle. You can find a bio-hazard container at most drug and grocery stores.

Oral Pill

When it is time to give your dog a dosage of a medication, it can be tricky to get them to swallow the pill without them spitting it out. One easy way to get your dog to take their pill is by poking the pill into a piece of hot dog or other favorite treat, or by slathering the pill in peanut butter.

If you don't want to let your dog eat and become accustomed to food other than their own, you can also use a trick that veterinarians use to administer pills to dogs. You may need someone to help you by holding your dog still while you use this method. Tilt your dog's head back and open their mouth with one hand and drop the pill into the back of their throat with the other hand. Next, massage their throat to help them swallow the pill.

Use these tips to help give your dog medication at home.