Helping Your Dog Before And After A Professional Dental Cleaning

If your dog has a severe dental infection, then a professional clean will be in order. If you are worried about your pet and how they will react to the procedure, you probably want to know some of the steps that you will be asked to take to ensure that your pet is comfortable during and after the procedure. Here is a guide that you will find useful. Do Not Feed Your Dog Read More 

Does My Dog Need These Vaccinations?

There are several vaccinations that all dogs need. The rabies vaccination is legally required, and there are a core group of additional vaccinations, including distemper, parvovirus, and adenovirus that almost all veterinarians recommend for almost all dogs. The rest of the available vaccinations are non-core vaccinations, which means that your dog may or may not need them. How can you decide whether a particular non-core vaccination is right for your dog? Read More