3 Reasons To Ensure That Your Pets Are Vaccinated

One of the biggest mistakes that any pet owner can make is thinking that they can get away with not vaccinating their animals, which is a dangerous idea because there are still ways that your pets could be exposed to easily preventable diseases. Listed below are three reasons to ensure that your pets are vaccinated regularly.

Young Pets Have Underdeveloped Immune Systems

One of the biggest reasons to vaccinate your pet is if he or she is quite young. Puppies and kittens are in a lot of danger in the first year of their lives, mostly due to the fact that their immune system is not developed to the point where it can fight off many of the diseases that can affect dogs and cats. If you choose to not vaccinate your puppies or kittens, then there is a chance that they could get a disease and actually pass away from it due to the weakness of their immune systems.

Stray Animals Could Enter Your Property

An excuse that many people use for not vaccinating their pets is that their pets are indoor only or never really interact with other dogs and cats because they rarely leave the property, and when they do they tend to simply stick with their owners and ride in the car. Unfortunately, this does not mean that your pet is perfectly safe as a stray or wild animal could still potentially make its way onto your property, at which point it can attack your pet and pass along in infectious diseases, such as rabies. In addition, fleas and mosquitoes can carry diseases as well, which they can transfer to your pets once they get into your home, which those pests can do quite easily if your pets are not vaccinated.

Many Services Require Vaccinations

Finally, you will want to ensure that your pets are vaccinated because many pet-related services require proof of vaccination before they will interact with your pet at all. For example, if you want to take your pet to a groomer or leave your pet at a boarding facility while you are out of town, the owners of those services will require that you have your pets fully up to date on vaccinations and provide the necessary paperwork proving that the vaccinations have been received. In addition, many rental properties will not allow you to have a pet at all unless you give them records of the vaccinations that they can keep on file.

Contact your vet today in order to discuss why you should keep your pets vaccinated and to determine which vaccinations are necessary for your particular pet. You should ensure that your pets are vaccinated because young pets have underdeveloped immune systems, stray animals could enter your property, and many services require your pets to be vaccinated. For more information, visit websites like http://www.lansdaleveterinarian.com/.