Head Pressing Is A Pressing Matter

Inserting a dog into your home and family's lifestyle is wonderful, but you may find the various tasks needed to care for your new family member overwhelming. From feeding and training to cleaning up after the dog, it is easy to see the challenges of having a pet. Unfortunately, many dog owners do not pay close attention to their dog's specific traits or habits. If your dog presses their head against a wall or other surface, you may think this is a quirky, unimportant behavior. Read More 

Indoor Cat That’s Bored And Fat? Here’s What You Can Do About That

Obesity is on the rise. In cats that is. Especially for indoor cats. While you might think that your plump pet is living a comfortable, pampered life provided by you, the adoring owner, the truth is not so rosy. Over 58% of cats in the United States are considered to be overweight or obese. Those extra pounds are accompanied by a myriad of health problems, diminished quality of life and a shorter life span. Read More 

How To Figure Out Why Your Dog’s Eyes Are Irritated And Watery

If your dog develops an irritated, watery eye or eyes, you should be a bit concerned. The eyes are pretty sensitive and necessary, and in most cases, treatment will be required to restore them to good health. Determining what treatment is necessary begins with determining the cause for the eye irritation. Follow these three steps to figure out what's causing your dog's eye symptoms, and how to treat them. Step 1: Assess for corneal abrasions and other injuries. Read More 

Why You Should Take Fido To A Veterinarian He Drinks Your Coffee

Most people consume caffeine daily, in one form or other. According to the FDA, the average adult in the U.S. has 200 mg of caffeine each day. This is fine for people, but such levels of caffeine are not safe for dogs to drink. If Fido gets into your coffee, you may need to take him to take him to an emergency veterinarian. Here's what to do if your dog consumes a lot of caffeine. Read More 

Avian Emergency Alert: How To Recognize And Prevent Heat Exhaustion In Pet Parrots

With the warm weather approaching, parrot owners should be aware of the potential danger of heat exhaustion. Even the subtropical species, such as the Amazon, Scarlet Macaw  or African Grey, can succumb to heat exhaustion through extreme exposure. This situation may warrant a trip to the emergency veterinarian, or even prove to be fatal. Parrot owners should recognize the symptoms of heat stress, such as breathing through an open beak or inability to perch, and learn how to prevent this occurrence. Read More