Helping Your Dog Before And After A Professional Dental Cleaning

If your dog has a severe dental infection, then a professional clean will be in order. If you are worried about your pet and how they will react to the procedure, you probably want to know some of the steps that you will be asked to take to ensure that your pet is comfortable during and after the procedure. Here is a guide that you will find useful.

Do Not Feed Your Dog

Unless otherwise instructed by your vet you should not feed your dog before a cleaning. If any food particles were to get into their lungs while under anesthesia then your pet could have some serious complications, so keep the food away. After the cleaning your pet is likely to be very groggy. This is normal and a direct result of the anesthesia

Try To Get To The Vet Early

Cleaning that is being done as a result of a severe infection in the mouth, will usually prompt your veterinarian to run a series of tests. Tests of your dog's heart, lungs and kidneys may be performed if your vet feels it is warranted. Usually these tests will be mandatory if your dog is older. Getting to the vet a bit earlier will make the day a little less strenuous on your pet, especially since they would not have eaten.

Limit Activities After The Procedure

Your dog is likely to be exhausted and hungry after the procedure. Once you get home, you can give your pet small portions of food.  If you have been given antibiotics then give them to your dog after feeding.

If you have other pets you should limit their contact with your pet so that your dog is able to rest. If you have children their contact should also be limited in order to avoid exhausting your pet.

Get Your Pet A Comfortable Bedding Area

Raise the comfort level of your dog, immediately after the procedure. Make sure you have soft comfortable bedding available in an area that is quiet with limited light. The area should also be free of noise. Leave out a small bowl of water, so that your pet can take sips during the night if they become thirsty.

Being armed with the right information about how a dental cleaning will affect your dog before and after the procedure should put your mind at rest. Once you know what to expect and what to do you and your pet should get through the procedure just fine. Contact a provider, like Brian E Hall, for more help.