Signs Your Cow Has Mastitis And Could Benefit From Quartermaster Meds

Mastitis is a condition that causes swelling and discomfort in a cow's udders. It is most common in dairy cows who are actively producing milk. There are good treatments for mastitis, including a medication called Quartermaster that can be injected directly into each teat. However, in order to treat mastitis, you first need to be aware that it is occurring. So, here are the key signs that your cow has mastitis and could benefit from Quartermaster treatment.

Excessive Warmth in the Udder

A cow's udder should feel warm to the touch, but if it feels warmer than usual, that often means the cow has mastitis. If you touch the udder and think it feels warm, but you're not sure, try touching another cow's udder. Comparing the temperature of the two can help you determine if the first cow's udders truly are above their usual temperature.

Abnormal Milk Appearance

If you are able to milk the cow, take a look at the milk. If the cow has mastitis, there is often infectious material that comes out in the milk. There may be some clumps or flakes in the milk. Or, the problem may be more obvious — blood or streaks of green pus in the milk. A low milk yield can also be a sign of mastitis, so if you go to milk your cow and only a little comes out, you will want to investigate further.

Pain and Discomfort

Some cows are pretty stoic and won't act like they are in pain until you touch their udder. Then, they may kick at your hand or simply act irritated as you touch and milk them. Other cows are far more expressive and may stand there, kicking at their udder and looking at it, even when you're not interacting with them. A Quartermaster treatment can quickly bring mastitis under control and put an end to their suffering.


Sometimes, especially if the mastitis has gone on for a few days without treatment, the teats or udder may turn red. The redness may look patchy, or it may spread over the entire region. This redness should be one of the first symptoms to subside once you treat the mastitis.

If you have a cow, make sure you know the signs of mastitis and keep your eyes out for them. If your cow does develop this illness, prompt treatment is the key to restoring their health. 

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